There are two types of gyms. Glitter gyms and Rust gyms. A majority of men and almost all women are only familiar with Glitter gyms. Glitter gyms are workout facilities with bright lights, mirrors, treadmills, and TVs (Ballys, 24 Hour, etc). Rust gyms cater primarily to men and are almost all free weights. The equipment is never new, nor does it need to be. Rust gyms are about function, glitter gyms are primarily about fashion. Rust gyms tend to be named after a rather large guy who will get in your face the first time you forget to rack your weights.

I strongly prefer Rust gyms. And since May 2001 I have been lifting weights in my single car garage. There was no climate control. No neon. Nothing in the gym required electricity except a single light bulb and a speaker that blasted Marilyn Manson.

Now I’m living downtown. This means I’m back to the Glitter. Today I started up with 24 Hour Fitness. My guess is I’ll have a few good stories to blog about this year. People tend to do stupid things at Glitter gyms.