I always find it interesting to measure my weight and bodyfat percentage before and after a vacation. Stepping away from my standard diet and exercise routine can shock my system into either weight gain or weight loss. Usually it is more common to gain weight on vacation. After 3 weeks in South America, I could have sworn that I gained weight.

For 3 weeks, my activity level was much lower (more on that later) and the food was much heavier than my standard whole-wheat California iso-caloric diet. Instead of eating 5 small meals a day, I was eating 2 huge meals and a small breakfast. The meals often weren’t finished until close to midnight. Any nutritional textbook would tell you that weight gain was a certainty. It didn’t happen.

Over the last 3 weeks, I lost 7 pounds and am down to a rail-thin 202 pounds. I haven’t been this light since May 2001. The good news is my bodyfat dropped as well as my waist size.