Two years ago, I announced that I was starting a new fitness website.  And I did. I build out a single-page website for

Lift Slow is a fitness portal for learning how to increase your strength and fitness by lifting weights in a controlled slow manner. This differs from other strength protocols which use higher-speed or higher-reps to gain strength. By slowing the movement you can get just as strong while being kind to your joints and minimizing injury risk.

I felt there was a communication problem in the HIT/SuperSlow community that overemphasized intensity over safety and that wasn’t as welcoming to newbies as other strength-building methods.

Plus I saw many of the websites that were around during the time I was learning about HIT either disappear or become neglected.

Lift Slow was inspired by the principles of High-Intensity Training, but with a focus for beginners. Lift Slow stresses learning safe exercises and getting started over intensity. Intensity comes with time and practice and is not as necessary to make initial progress.

But beyond this single page, I never did anything else with the site. Since then I’ve worked on several other sites, but not LiftSlow. I’ve mostly lost interest in the topic. I still use the principles I learned from HIT, but I have other web projects that are more important to me now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

I do not like hoarding domains that others can put to better use. So if you are a fitness professional in the HIT/SuperSlow/BodyByScience field that would like this domain name and can put to better use than me, I would be happy to transfer it to you. No charge.

Leave a comment below or email me directly at [email protected].