Critical MAS is the blog for Michael Allen Smith of Seattle, Washington. My interests include traditional food, fitness, economics, web development, and learning Spanish.

I’ve had a web presence since late 1995. CriticalMAS was launched in March 2000 and for a few years, I wrote crappy snarky posts. I shut down the blog in 2004 and deleted all those posts. In December 2005, I restarted this blog with what you see today.

In May 2018, the domain for this blog changed from to

You study other men and you find out what makes them weak and then you don’t do that. — Jay Leno

I’ve learned more by not following bad examples than by following good examples. – Paulo Coelho

Your success depends far less on your own skills than on the mistakes of others. – Nassim Taleb

Yes, no, maybe. I don’t know. Can you repeat the question? – They Might be Giants

Victory through attrition. – Laird Hamilton

Impatience with Actions, Patience with Results. – Naval Ravikant

The way to win is to first not lose. – Me


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