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The Potato Hack Diet is a super effective method for losing weight without experiencing hunger. I’ve been doing some form of the potato hack since 2015 regularly. It helped me both lose 40 pounds and keep those pounds off. By following some variation of the Potato Hack, you will greatly reduce your odds of regaining your lost weight.

And the bonus part of this diet is it is dirt cheap and making boiled potatoes a staple will save you money. You get lean and your wallet gets fat.

Potato Hack Diet book

The best resource for the potato hack is the Tim Steele book Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified.

Below are some of my best posts related to the Potato Hack. Don’t overthink this. Just start!

  1. Buy some potatoes.
  2. Boil them.
  3. Eat them plain. Salt if you must.
  4. Keep eating until the hunger is gone.
  5. Enjoy the experience of dropping pounds without feeling hungry. You’ll likely keep the weight off.

For a few more details, see The Potato Hack – Quick Start Guide.

The Math

The Math Behind the Potato Hack – The numbers behind why the potato hack is so effective for reducing calories.

The Potato Diet is a Calorie Savings Account – I frame the decision to eat pounds of cold-boiled potatoes like the decision to save money. I also cover the Food Reward / Hyperpalatablity angle in this post.

Potato Hacking For the Reluctant – A training wheels approach for those who cannot get started.

The Potato and Cabbage Hack – A higher fiber variation.

The Mindset

The Five Stages of (Potato Hack) Grief – How we think about the potato hack when we first are exposed to the idea.

Calories Are For Closers – It is Time to Potato Hack! – This is my locker room speech to motivate you to begin a potato hack.

Marine Potato 20 – An Easy Potato Hack For Everyone – This is a hack for the hack. If you aren’t ready to go full tater, this post explains how to crush hunger at the start of every meal with a single potato.

The Peasant Diet

How I Used the Peasant Diet to Lean Out – The Potato Hack is a subset of my broader diet, which I refer to as a Peasant Diet.

How I Beat Food Cravings on the Peasant Diet – This post explains a habit I use to defeat cravings for calorie-rich meals.


Potato Diet Week 1 – Results and Observations – Results from my very first strict Potato Hack.

4 Day Potato Hack Results – After losing 22 pounds, I was able to drop 2 more.