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My Favorite Seattle Coffee Places (2014)

This weekend Seattle is hosting the SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of America). This is the big coffee event for the industry. People from all over the world will be visiting Seattle. In addition to the big expo, I expect our … [continue reading]

Homer Simpson Invented Bulletproof Coffee in 1998!

I’ve been watching The Simpsons since they debuted, but recently I learned that there were some episodes from season 9 that I somehow missed. So I acquired the DVD from that season and began watching. That is when I discovered … [continue reading]

Common Grounds Coffee in Siem Reap, Cambodia

This post was written after my 2009 trip to SE Asia.

Outside of the Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs and McCafes, most of the places that served espresso during my month trip through Southeast Asia were little more than … [continue reading]

Finally Had Luwak Coffee

Well I can cross Luwak coffee off my food and beverage bucket list. A friend of mine returned from Bali with a sample of Bali Luwak coffee. When it comes to interesting foods, I have little fear. I’ll try just … [continue reading]

Portland Espresso Vacation

This post was written after a 2010 trip to Portland.

Once Mark Prince over at CoffeeGeek published his guide to the best micro-roasters and cafes in Portland, all I had to do was book a hotel and drive south. There … [continue reading]

The Best of Seattle Coffee 2013

In 2012, I did something unique to Best of lists. I listed my biases, preferences and quantified my results. Check out the post 192 Espressos if you want to see how to do a Best of list properly.

For … [continue reading]