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Whispers of Food Shortages

Since the interests of this blog involve food and risk, I thought I’d address a topic that isn’t getting serious attention from major news outlets. That is the possibility that food shortages are coming. If you search Twitter you will … [continue reading]

How to Get Money to Venezuela (and support capitalism)

You likely know that Venezuela is a disaster right now. I could post about the causes, but most of us know what happened already and the actions being taken by their socialist government will not make things better. Many people … [continue reading]

Open Data, Seattle, and Corruption

Back in 2013, I was having a discussion with someone about voting. I took the position that mathematically voting was unimportant. I went further to say that we confuse being an informed citizen with being a good citizen. As if … [continue reading]

Why Didn’t I Blog More About Economics?

Over the years as my interests have changed so have the topics on my blog. From hiking to financial to fitness to nutrition to cooking to whatever sparked my curiosity. But there is one huge exception and that is economics.… [continue reading]

Why the Events of 2016 Did Not Surprise Me

After my long blogging hiatus, I returned with a list of topics I wanted to cover.

One item on the list was why the events of 2016 did not surprise me. I expected both Brexit and that Trump would not … [continue reading]

On Friendship

Since late last year, I’ve been thinking about the following quote by Jim Rohn.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

5 sign

Photo by N Ino

I want to share my interpretation of the … [continue reading]