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Reviewing My 2009 Financial Predictions

It is time to review my 2009 Financial Predictions. It seems like a million years since I wrote that post.

S&P 500 By the end of 2009 it will hit 633. This estimate is based solely off earnings

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I Don’t Know Karate, But I Know KA-RAZY!

The top financial story this month is the impending crash of the US Dollar. I do not know if the US Dollar will crash and if it does, when it would occur. Everyone seems to be looking at only half … [continue reading]

Guest Financial Predictions by Derek Wilson

These are some financial predictions by my pal and former neighbor Derek Wilson. He doesn’t have a blog and asked that I put his picks on the record. My posting of his picks is not an endorsement. His 10 year … [continue reading]

Why America Wins

With a growing number of people dissing America these days, I thought I’d take the contrarian position and explain why America wins. Before I list the reasons, I think we need to explain what it means to win. To win … [continue reading]

Secret Ways to Save Money With AT&T and Vonage

My phone bill was too much, so I decided to do something about it. I have a cell phone that uses AT&T Wireless and a land line with Vonage. From a quality and service standpoint, I am satisfied with both … [continue reading]

The Millionaire Next Door

I was going through posts on my old blog and uncovered this financial book review. It was written in October 2004, which was a time when using leverage to flip condos was cool, and saving money was boring. Boy have … [continue reading]