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3 Things I Dislike About My 2017 ASUS Zenbook

Two months ago I bought a 13.3-inch ASUS ZenBook laptop. For the most part, I am very pleased with the performance of the laptop, but there a few things I dislike.

We got off to a rocky start when I … [continue reading]

More Duolingo Data – My 2 Year Fluency Estimate Chart

Back in January, I posted Duolingo Fluency Estimates – My Data, in which I shared my fluency estimates charted over time to help other users better understand what a fluency path might look like if they show a similar … [continue reading]

Can April Fools Day Be Saved?

I wrote this post last April Fools Day, but never published. I wanted to share this idea far away from April 1st. 

I recall back in the pre-Internet Days, April Fools Day was more fun. Some teacher or co-worker would … [continue reading]

I Won Blood Donation

In 2010, I posted The Selfish Case For Donating Blood. In that post I mention the health benefits one gets from reducing the iron level in your blood. So beginning in December 2010 – a full year after returning … [continue reading]

Podcasts I Listen To (2017)

Two people have asked me to update my podcast list. The last edition came out in 2014, so it is long overdue.

Before I get to the list, I want to share the best tip I ever received on … [continue reading]

Duolingo Fluency Estimates – My Data

If you use Duolingo you will on occasion get a Fluency Estimate. I’ve talked with people and read forums online and there is a lot of mystery on how it is calculated. I know of people that got 50% or … [continue reading]