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Immigration, Customs and Fearing International Travel

This post is primarily for people who have not traveled outside the United States.

When you first enter a foreign country you must present yourself to an immigration officer. They will look over your passport and if a tourist VISA … [continue reading]

Traffic Lights and Menus in Thailand and Cambodia

As much as a bad user interface annoys me, I really enjoy discovering an excellent U/I. While in Thailand and Cambodia, I noticed a brilliant user interface. They place a second counter on traffic lights. When a light turns green … [continue reading]

Elephant Training Video and Photos

The long awaited video and photos to my day of elephant training are finally ready. Enjoy my gracefulness! This highlight video was made using Windows Live Movie Maker, which I just downloaded and am still learning how to use.… [continue reading]

A Holiday in Cambodia

How did I end up in Cambodia when my original travel plans only included Thailand? It was me discovering what type of traveler I am. The thought of spending two weeks on the white sand beaches of Thailand may sound … [continue reading]

Elephant Video

This is a video clip of the elephant we saw in Ko Samui, Thailand. This is not the elephant I rode in Chiang Mai.

 … [continue reading]

Tiger and Lion Videos

Here are the video clips taken by my friend when we stepped into the cage with the tigers and baby lion.

[continue reading]