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Blog Posts and Word Count By Year

I wrote a SQL query to see how many blog posts I published by year – excluding the current year.

* Seven years ago, I removed around 750 blog posts that I thought sucked. Mostly from the 2005-2008 era.… [continue reading]

Getting Started in Blogging in 2022

This is a follow-up to my 2019 post on this topic.

Months after that post, I gave advice to two friends that wanted to get started blogging. One friend was successful and one wasn’t. I will refer to the two … [continue reading]

Check out

A few weekends ago, I completed Net Ninja’s tutorial of Bootstrap 5 on YouTube. I learned just enough to make a website that isn’t hideous. After I had a decent-looking potato portal, I hired an artist on Fiverr to create … [continue reading]

Long Live the Potato Hack!

Unlike most bloggers, I run a broken link checker to alert me if any of my links break. Then I can repair the link, so if you as a reader click on a link here, you won’t get an error.… [continue reading]

My Prediction About Email Newsletters Was Dead Wrong

On this blog, in a comment from February 2015, I said:

It is 2015 and for the last few years, the message has been build the newsletter. Like every other web trend, this will get played out. There will

[continue reading]

2021 Blog Housekeeping

I made a few changes to the blog this year.

The first thing I did was remove all the analytics. I had been using Google Analytics (with anonymized IP addresses) to see how much traffic I was getting. Cloudflare offers … [continue reading]