Another Solution For Numb Feet and Toes

About two years ago, I started experiencing numb feet and toes. I noticed it when I first woke up in the morning upon standing. As the day progressed, it became less noticeable. Wearing socks and shoes also masked the numb … [continue reading]

Body Weight Wisdom I Heard 20 Years Ago

Twenty years ago, I was living in a gated community near San Diego. One of the homeowners on my block was named Mike. He was about 20 years older than me. One day we were having a brief conversation by … [continue reading]

Ray Peat Died. Now What?

Recently, nutritional pioneer Ray Peat died at the age of 86. I have several posts on this blog that reference his work. I’m not a strict follower, but I have borrowed some of his ideas.

This post will not be … [continue reading]

3 Fitness Stories

I have 3 short fitness stories for you today.

Army Basic Training (1987)

When I got off the bus at Fort Benning, Georgia, after some yelling, the drill sergeants told us that we would all gain muscle. Then they looked … [continue reading]

Approaching Weight Lifting Like An Investor

Back in 2013, I posted Approaching Nutrition From An Investor’s Mindset. It was a very popular post where I framed some of the nutritional debates as an investor would. We can also use an investing mindset when we head into … [continue reading]

Be Interested. Be Safe. Be Consistent.

I was going through the fitness archives of this blog recently. Over the years, I’ve posted many varying opinions on what is the best fitness strategy.

I started out following the muscle magazines. Do a bunch of exercises and hit … [continue reading]