Ray Peat Died. Now What?

Recently, nutritional pioneer Ray Peat died at the age of 86. I have several posts on this blog that reference his work. I’m not a strict follower, but I have borrowed some of his ideas.

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3 Fitness Stories

I have 3 short fitness stories for you today.

Army Basic Training (1987)

When I got off the bus at Fort Benning, Georgia, after some yelling, the drill sergeants told us that we would all gain muscle. Then they looked … [continue reading]

Approaching Weight Lifting Like An Investor

Back in 2013, I posted Approaching Nutrition From An Investor’s Mindset. It was a very popular post where I framed some of the nutritional debates as an investor would. We can also use an investing mindset when we head into … [continue reading]

Be Interested. Be Safe. Be Consistent.

I was going through the fitness archives of this blog recently. Over the years, I’ve posted many varying opinions on what is the best fitness strategy.

I started out following the muscle magazines. Do a bunch of exercises and hit … [continue reading]

Rick Rubin Did NOT Get Fat From Carbs

Rick Rubin was recently on the Joe Rogan podcast. He talked about how his health improved and he lost 130 pounds when he abandoned his vegan diet.

JOE: What about veganism got you that big?

RICK: It’s a carb only

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The Benefits of a Higher Body Temperature

In my previous post, I mentioned with a positive tone that I was able to increase my body temperature from 97.0 to 98.4 F. This post will explore if an increased body temperature is beneficial. I’ll start the post … [continue reading]