Long Days, Poor Sleep and Too Much Caffeine

I have about 15 half-written blog posts in the queue right now. I’m not happy with any of them. The sun is rising at 5:10 AM in Seattle and not setting until after 9 PM. I have blackout drapes, but the light is still sneaking into my room and waking me up. During the winter I was able to get extra sleep, now I’m missing some sleep.

My plan was to cut my coffee intake come summer, but then Seattle got the Northwest Coffee Festival and Coffee Crawl with multiple events each day.¬†As a coffee fanatic, I have been going to all these events and consuming a high amount of coffee. This isn’t helping my sleep either.

So the result is I’ve been too tired to complete about 15 blog posts. Sunday is the last day of the Coffee Festival. When it is over, I’ll start to reduce my coffee intake. The days will begin to shorten on Wednesday. Hopefully, I’ll get my blog mojo back then.

My hood. This photo has nothing to do with this post. I need more sleep.


I liked the cover of this book, so I read it.

Numb: A Novel
Numb: A Novel is by Sean Ferrell. Numb is about a man with amnesia that has a condition by which he feels no physical pain. He could have a nail hammered into his hand and not fell the slightest bit of pain. This talent is first exploited in a circus and later he convinced to move to New York City for fame. The story is about trust, exploitation and learning who your friends are.

Numb was a quick read and the author did an excellent job of planting seeds of doubt on the integrity of different characters throughout the story. I really liked Numb. I’m glad I stumbled upon this book.

It is Summer Seattle! Put Your Coats Away!

Today was another wonderful day in Seattle. I took some photos as I urban hiked from Upper Queen Anne to Downtown.


Upper Queen Anne looking west to Magnolia


Sculpture Park. Looks a lot different when the sun isn’t out.


Train tracks going underneath Sculpture Park


Seattle Waterfront


Behind Pike Place Market

I think summer is finally here, although this couple might disagree. It was 70 degrees and sunny and they walked through Queen Anne wearing winter coats and wool caps. There were others too. You know how I feel about that.