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Turn it Down

Why must downtown living be so loud? I miss the peace and quiet of the exburb of the San Pasqual Valley. While I’ve gotten used to the sound of the train and street cleaner, there are some sounds that annoy … [continue reading]

Are You Really Busy?

The most overused and inaccurate phrase used today is: I’m so busy.
Let me just say: No you’re not.

We all know someone who┬áis always telling us how busy they are. What they are saying is they … [continue reading]

Step into Liquid – Day 3

Today I went Bodyboarding for the first time. Not nearly as exhausting as surfing, but also not as rewarding. A few surfers thought I was insane for not wearing a wetsuit. Being from Ohio makes my skin immune to cold … [continue reading]

Step Into Liquid – Day 2

Disaster. And yesterday went so well.

The hard part about surfing isn’t standing up and finding balance. The hard part is picking the wave, timing it and having your board at the right angle. When I was in my group … [continue reading]

Step Into Liquid – Day 1

Today I took my 2 hour surfing lesson at the Eli Howard Surf School. It went much better than my snowboarding experience. I rode several waves to shore on the long foam surf board provided by the school.

I … [continue reading]

Summer of George Tips

One month ago today I quit my job of over 4 years and embarked on my Summer of George. I consider my first month to be a success, but not a total success. My mistakes were minor, but I … [continue reading]