What Obesity Paradox?

I’ve been following health and fitness news for many years now. One topic that has always puzzled me is the Obesity Paradox. To get us all up to speed, I asked Poe AI to explain the term.

The obesity paradox

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Exercise Induced Headaches – A Path Forward?

I found an interesting discussion between Doug McGuff and Drew Baye on YouTube. One of the topics they covered was exercise-induced headaches. This is something I experienced regularly when I did High Intensity Training. It is also the reason that … [continue reading]

Perfect Posture Progress

It had been several months since I saw my friend. She looked at me and asked if I got taller. Another friend a few weeks before that commented that my posture looked better.

Improving my posture has always been a … [continue reading]

Outlive by Peter Attia, MD Summarized

I read Outlive, you may not need to. Here is my brief summary.

If you listened to Peter Attia on the Tim Ferriss Show (#661), you have most of what you need to know. If you need to dig … [continue reading]

More Protein and the Fasting Backlash Part 2

In my previous post, I covered the recent push for more protein and less fasting. The biggest proponent is Peter Attia, although there are others.

I posted some concerns I had about Attia’s high protein claims in the previous … [continue reading]

More Protein and the Fasting Backlash

The latest trend I’ve been following with interest is the push for higher protein levels and the growing rejection of intermittent fasting. The lead character in this chapter on nutrition is Dr. Peter Attia, who just published a longevity book … [continue reading]