Made in the Spirit of the Early Web

I recently released a brand new version of my radio tribute site This is what I added to the footer of the site.

2012-2021 is a project maintained by Michael Allen Smith with the support of Neil’s

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The Chattanooga ColPac is a Great Tool For Summer Sleep

I moved at the end of April and my new place is much warmer and unfortunately for me this month, it does not have air conditioning. Seattle is having a bit of a heatwave right now. heatwave


A friend of … [continue reading]

My Grounding Device Experiment

Back in April, Ben Greenfield did a podcast titled My New #1 Hack For Zapping Inflammation, Increasing Deep Sleep & Recovering Faster—Earthing (The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?). I’ve always been highly skeptical that standing or sleeping on a … [continue reading]

Should one ever diet?

It is a common assumption that if one is overweight and they want to improve their health that they need to diet. Is this a correct assumption? Reports are that between 70% and 95% of dieters that lose weight will … [continue reading]

Insomnia Continues and Two More Sleep Books

Back in January, I posted some notes from the book Say Goodnight to Insomnia. I initially made progress with those techniques, but have had continued trouble sleeping this year. I’ll do well for a few weeks and then insomnia … [continue reading]

Of Course, I Auto-Delete Old Tweets

My personal Twitter account @CriticalMAS does not have any tweets older than 60 days. I use a service called TweetDelete that scrubs any tweet or like that is older than 2 months. I’m baffled why this isn’t a common practice.… [continue reading]