Have I Found My Headache Cure?

If you go back into the archives (2011-2013), you will see many posts where I attempted to solve my headaches. I tried many experiments to reduce the number and frequency of headaches that had bothered me since high school.

Although … [continue reading]

Some Broken Link Housekeeping

This blog and my coffee website both run broken link checkers. Whenever a link breaks, I step in to fix it.

A few months ago, Mark Si$$on decided to remove EVERY SINGLE page from MarksDailyApple. He left a message saying … [continue reading]

On Ab Training

Last year, I discussed how I fixed my dysfunctional relationship with pushups. Now, I want to talk about ab exercises.

I have never liked training my abs. Just like with the pushup, my introduction to ab exercises came in … [continue reading]

Ponderous Fitness Content

Back in college, I worked as a grocery store cashier, so I could see all the magazines that were in the checkout lane. Each month, they would add a new Cosmopolitan. It didn’t take long to see a pattern in … [continue reading]

Is Peter Attia Overhyping VO2 Max?

Last year Peter Attia was everywhere in the health and longevity space. Between his podcast, his book Outlive, and numerous interviews I watched his views spread across the health space.

In addition to dunking on fasting and pimping protein[continue reading]

Get Your Own Blood Work

Readers of this site may already know that one can order numerous blood tests without contacting a doctor in the United States. Often at prices that are lower than the discounted prices offered through health insurance plans.

I use UltaLabs. … [continue reading]