Muscle Still Interrupted

In December 2020, I posted Muscle Interrupted.

It has been 10 months since I last stepped foot in my gym due to the COVID lockdowns. Although my gym did reopen for a period during the late summer and early

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How To Successfully Use a Low-Fat Diet

Earlier this month, I posted In Defense of Low Fat Dieting. Low-Fat diets have been slandered too much in recent years by the low-carb crowd. They can absolutely work, but the vast majority of low-fat dieters are doing it … [continue reading]

Food Inflation is Not a Concern on the Peasant Diet

Food prices are spiking and people are complaining. I’m not. The Peasant Diet that I designed back in 2016 not only will lean you out, you’ll also save a lot of money on food.

I wanted to post this earlier, … [continue reading]

In Defense of Low Fat Dieting

Low carb diets can work. When you reduce the number of carbs you eat, you can absolutely lose weight. There are a few reasons. Most processed foods are higher in carbs and foods lower in carbs are often higher in … [continue reading]

My New Portal Page

In my last post, I mentioned my portal site needed to be rewritten because it was an ugly version of my GitPage.

I completed that task yesterday and did a few changes this morning. It went so … [continue reading]

Why am I Still Using WordPress if it is a Bloated Mess?

For years I’ve been saying that WordPress is a bloated mess, but I still use it. Why? Each site is different and I’ll go through the cases where I dumped WordPress, the cases where I kept it, and the … [continue reading]