2021 Blog Housekeeping

I made a few changes to the blog this year.

The first thing I did was remove all the analytics. I had been using Google Analytics (with anonymized IP addresses) to see how much traffic I was getting. Cloudflare offers … [continue reading]

Hyperlipid For Dummies

For several years now I have been aware of Hyperlipid. It is a technical nutritional blog that is highly regarded, especially in the low-carb community. I’ve always felt there was something worth learning, but it was beyond my comprehension … [continue reading]

Joe Rogan, Sardines, and Arsenic

In a show this summer, Joe Rogan mentioned how he tested for high levels of arsenic from consuming lots of sardines. When he removed the sardines, the arsenic levels dropped.

This alarmed me because I eat a lot of sardines … [continue reading]

Pavel, Peat, and Potatoes

Because I use the 3rd party search tool by Algolia, I get a report on what the readers of this blog are searching for. The top 3 topics consistently have been Pavel Tsatsouline, the Ray Peat Diet, and Potato Hacking[continue reading]

The Box of Tapes

I haven’t posted much this summer. The main reason is the topic of this post. As I’ve mentioned a few times, one of the projects that I am part of is the historical preservation of a radio show that went … [continue reading]

Made in the Spirit of the Early Web

I recently released a brand new version of my radio tribute site NeilRogers.org. This is what I added to the footer of the site.

2012-2021 NeilRogers.org is a project maintained by Michael Allen Smith with the support of Neil’s

[continue reading]