4 Year Streak of Avoiding Colds Ends

Long-time readers might recall that the reason this blog ever got interested in fitness and nutrition was because of a nasty cold I got back in 2007. I started reading books on “superfoods” with the goal of using nutrient density … [continue reading]

Keto and Carnivore Diets Were Always a No For Me

In my previous post Checking in on the Carb Haters, I dunked on a few of the keto and carnivore zealots for coming around to the opinion that I had a decade ago.

Note that I am fine with … [continue reading]

Checking in on the Carb Haters

More than a decade ago, I saw the Paleo movement get hijacked by the low-carb zealots. Initially, I fell for some of the lies about carbs, but well before keto and later carnivore came around, I had already dismissed them. … [continue reading]

Temperature and Appetite

I recently read The Book on Heat: The Science of Heat for Weight Loss, Performance and Health by Brad Pilon. It altered a view of mine that I’ve held for decades related to diet and exercise.

My seasonal view was … [continue reading]

Low Intensity, Low Volume Strength Training

I mentioned in an earlier post that I got a hernia in July. Between that time and my surgery on September 20th, I didn’t feel comfortable exercising. Not pain. Just discomfort. Some men are easily able to work around their … [continue reading]

On Pushups

I’ve always disliked pushups. When you are tall and lanky, pushups suck. Although I did some pushups as a kid, my first real introduction to them was in Army basic training from a screaming drill sergeant. Not exactly a positive … [continue reading]