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The Importance of College

I was digging through my old blog and came across this post from June 2004.

10 Years Ago Today – On 6/10/1994, I graduated from The Ohio State University. Although I’m proud of my school and degree, I will say

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The Millionaire Next Door

I was going through posts on my old blog and uncovered this financial book review. It was written in October 2004, which was a time when using leverage to flip condos was cool, and saving money was boring. Boy have … [continue reading]

Intermittent Fasting – Tips and Advice

This a random collection of thoughts I have after almost 5 months of Intermittent Fasting. This is not medical advice. You are responsible for your own health.

Before I could go the full 21-22 hours without eating, I first … [continue reading]

How Mickey Rourke Gained 27 Pounds of Muscle For The Wrestler

If you like this post, be sure to check out How Tim Ferriss REALLY Gained 34 pounds of Muscle in 28 Days.

I was reading this morning how actor Mickey Rourke made massive muscular gains by training real hard … [continue reading]

The Calm Before the Storm

I arrived at my Glitter Gym a little before 8 AM this morning. It was quiet. There was a lady reading a magazine on a stair-stepper. In the pin weight machine area there was some old-timer blasting his triceps. The … [continue reading]

Ignore My Financial Advice

A few people in the last month have asked me for financial advice. Giving financial advice is a delicate and risky endeavor. It’s not like fitness or nutritional advice.

If I tell an overweight person to lift weights and stop … [continue reading]