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Long Sleep and Back Pain

I always get my deepest and longest sleep in the month of December. Something about the long nights and colder weather really puts me into a hibernation mode. This week I’ve had three nights where my sleep exceeded 9 hours. … [continue reading]

My First REAL HIT Injury

In May I was certain that I got injured during a High Intensity Workout, but it turned out to be nothing. However, there is no mistake that I messed up my back yesterday. When I get back pain, I now … [continue reading]

The Psychology of Back Pain

In the posts How I Figured Out the Cause of My Back Pain and Back Pain and Learned Helplessness, I briefly mentioned the psychological aspect to back pain. I want to elaborate on this topic because the first time … [continue reading]

Back Pain and Learned Helplessness

I don’t think I was clear enough in the post How I Figured Out the Cause of My Back Pain. If you haven’t read it, go do so now.

The point I want to stress is you need to … [continue reading]

How I Figured Out the Cause of My Back Pain

Back in April 2009, I listed my #1 health goal as ending back pain. I had just gone through another episode of back pain and I was determined to figure out what was the cause. This is post is … [continue reading]