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IndyMAC Is Gone, Who Warned Ya?

On 3/17/2008 I posted IndyMac I’m Never Coming Back.

IndyMac has the lowest rating a bank can receive with Safe and Sound ratings. After seeing Bear Stearns implode in days, I didnt need much encouragement to close that account

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IndyMAC – Dead Bank Walking?

This March in the post IndyMac Im Never Coming Back, I wrote how as soon as my CD matured I closed out my account.

This morning my CD with IndyMac bank matured. IndyMac has the lowest rating a bank

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I Wouldn’t Bank There

There is a bank that is popular with many people here in Seattle. It even has our state name in its name. Well a few of my mutual friends have heard my reasons why I’d move my money to a … [continue reading]

IndyMac I’m Never Coming Back

Last month in my post Ignore My Financial Advice, I said:

6- Only Bank with the Best.

Unless you’ve avoided the news for the past few months, then you are aware there are some banking shenanigans going on. Some

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Ignore My Financial Advice

A few people in the last month have asked me for financial advice. Giving financial advice is a delicate and risky endeavor. It’s not like fitness or nutritional advice.

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