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Frequent Blood Donations and Injury Recovery

I’m currently reading Beyond Training by Ben Greenfield and although I don’t think I’m the target audience for the book (endurance athletes) or agree with a lot of what he writes, I did land on a gem of an idea.… [continue reading]

Fasting Lessons I Learned This Month

The plan was to do my 4th Fasting Mimicking Diet from July 3 to July 8 and then donate blood on July 9th. Let me unpack that sentence.

A Fasting Mimicking Diet is a 5-day very low protein diet created … [continue reading]

Frequent Blood Donations and Cold Intolerance

I want to give a hat tip to Chuck, who in the comments of my last post, asked me if my frequent blood donations have had an effect on my cold tolerance. That question rattled me, because I have … [continue reading]

I Won Blood Donation

In 2010, I posted The Selfish Case For Donating Blood. In that post I mention the health benefits one gets from reducing the iron level in your blood. So beginning in December 2010 – a full year after returning … [continue reading]

2 Gallon Blood Donor For Washington

I’ve now donated 2 gallons of blood for Washington. I can add the new pin next to my other blood pins

2 gallons down .

Donate Blood[continue reading]

Do We Really Need WIFI While Donating Blood?

Maybe this is a Seattle thing, but everywhere I go I see this obsession with constantly being connected to the Internet. It is getting out of hand. I donate blood every 8 weeks and if you have an appointment it … [continue reading]