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Declaring Victory! How I Lost and Kept Off 25 Pounds

It was just over a year ago that I decided I needed to lose 20-25 pounds. But before I started on my diet, I knew the challenge wasn’t losing the weight, but keeping it off. That is where many people … [continue reading]

I Completed My First 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet

I was going to wait until spring before trying my first 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet period, but I got impatient and went for it starting last Thursday. This post will cover my experience.

For those that need a background on … [continue reading]

Fat Loss Cheatsheet: What Works and What Doesn’t (for me)

Now that I have enough experience with gaining and losing a few pounds over the years, I wanted to assemble all the ideas that have worked and those that haven’t. This list is my experience, which may or may not … [continue reading]

Did I Gain Weight After the Potato Hack?

One of the criticisms I got regarding The Potato Hack was that once the hack ended and normal eating resumed that I’d regain the weight I lost. My critic claimed it was a lot of effort for unsustainable results. Was … [continue reading]

Revisiting the 2014 Fat Loss Bet

Before I cover my recent fat loss success, I first want to close the loop on The Fat Loss Bet from early 2014. Longtime readers might recall that myself and three friends entered into a bet to each drop 20 … [continue reading]

The Role of Exercise in Preventing Weight Regain

After the post Is There a Metabolic Unicorn? I decided to revisit the topic of┬ámetabolism again as if I knew nothing. I’m also doing this at the same time that I’m reviewing some of my older posts about the … [continue reading]