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Dear Future Tired Self

This is a note I am leaving for myself in the future. I know I will need to read it one day. Here goes.

You need to cut back on the coffee. It is going to suck for a few … [continue reading]

más MAS #1

más MAS is a new feature I’m adding to the Critical MAS blog. These will be links to things that I’m doing that are outside of this blog. In this first edition, I will catch up on the first half … [continue reading]

5 Foods That Were Key to My Fat Loss

A few posts ago, I tipped my hand that I have lost 20 pounds since March by changing my understanding of metabolism and using the power of story to keep me focused. Both of those posts are coming up, but … [continue reading]

“Turn Up the Heat” – 1 Month Update

Actually this is the 1 month and 1 week update to my “Turn Up the Heat” experiment, where I am using ideas from the Diet Recovery 2 book as an attempt to increase my body temperature. I outlined the … [continue reading]

Medicating Mood With Caffeine

I’m still on my caffeine free plus coffee free experiment. This is Day 21 without coffee and Day 15 without caffeine. My goal was to go 15 days without caffeine. I’ll hit that milestone in a few hours, but … [continue reading]