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It is Summer Seattle! Put Your Coats Away!

Today was another wonderful day in Seattle. I took some photos as I urban hiked from Upper Queen Anne to Downtown.


Upper Queen Anne looking west to Magnolia


Sculpture Park. Looks a lot different when the sun isn’t out.


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You Broke Your Own Metabolism

Today was a beautiful day in Seattle. It was mostly sunny in the upper 60s with no noticeable wind. In other words, it was a perfect day. Yet I look around and I see people wearing sweaters, jackets and I … [continue reading]

A High Intensity Approach to Cold Weather Training

It has been a while since I last posted on Cold Weather Training. For those new to the site, I began experimenting with cold temperature exposure back in 2008 as way to “toughen up” after living in the perfect … [continue reading]

Fall Strategies For Nutrition and Fitness

My nutritional mentors all have variations on what they believe is the optimal diet. This leads to endless debates from people smarter than me. I have no desire to jump into those nutritional fights. My goal is to improve my … [continue reading]

No Jacket Required Revisited

In December 2008, I did a post titled No Jacket Required. It detailed my experiment with cold weather exposure. At the end of that winter I shared my results in the post Still No Jacket Required. Since I … [continue reading]

My Cold Weather Challenge To You

Last winter I did a cold weather exposure project that I named No Jacket Required. It involved going without a coat the vast majority of the winter. From the post Still No Jacket Required:

Other than the Seattle

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