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Update on Fall Strategies For Nutrition and Fitness

Well fall is almost over, so I thought I provide an update on my Fall Strategies For Nutrition and Fitness post. This was the post that outlined how I would tweak my food and exercise under my seasonal approach strategy.… [continue reading]

Four New Books That I Can’t Wait To Read

Usually, I don’t mind waiting a few months or years to get my hands on a library copy of a book. Not right now though. Here are four books that either just came out or will be coming out before … [continue reading]

Fall Strategies For Nutrition and Fitness

My nutritional mentors all have variations on what they believe is the optimal diet. This leads to endless debates from people smarter than me. I have no desire to jump into those nutritional fights. My goal is to improve my … [continue reading]

Learning About Epigenetics From Dr. Bruce Lipton

This is a double book review. Actually, I listened to the audiobook format for both of these books.

After reading The Selfish Gene, I was interested in reading something more recent on genetics. The Primal Blueprint brought up the … [continue reading]

Summer is Not the Season To Lean Out

In the past two weeks I have heard the disappointed voices of a few friends that were doing so well on their diets until summer came. Then all their progress stalled. I’m here to offer some encouragement. Summer is not … [continue reading]

Pandora’s Seed

I finished another great book on my reading list.

Pandora's Seed: The Unforeseen Cost of Civilization
Pandora’s Seed: The Unforeseen Cost of Civilization by Spencer Wells is about the effects of civilization. It wasn’t too heavy in science. The writing was very conversational and the topics were … [continue reading]