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Beet Kvass, Fermented Salsa, Red Clover Infusion

I few weeks ago I kicked off three new food projects. From left to right:

  1. Beet Kvass – Basically ferment some beets for a couple of days and then drink the juice. It tasted fine, but since I have nothing
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Kimchi 2.0

I’ve been making kimchi on a frequent basis now for almost three years. Each time I make kimchi, I tweak the recipe. I’ll add something new or take something out. Then I’ll increase or reduce the number of other ingredients. … [continue reading]

Vietnamese Fermented Carrots

One of the easiest things to ferment is carrots. Earlier this year I posted Fermented Carrots and Ginger as a kid-friendly sweet-tasting ferment. I make this frequently, especially when I buy too many carrots and they look like they are … [continue reading]

Lessons From Two Failed Ferments

This summer I’ve made some of my best ferments to date, however this week I had two failures. It happens from time to time, especially when you are trying something new. I’d like to share what I learned.

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Using Tea Bags To Make Your Pickles More Crunchy

I’ve made pickles a few times this summer. They tasted great, but they weren’t crunchy. Then I read on a forum how one can use a tea bag in the ferment to preserve the crunchy. I tested it out this … [continue reading]

A Juicing Skeptic

I’m often asked if I juice. Not steroids, but with fruits and vegetables. The answer is I don’t. I remain unconvinced that juicing offers the health benefits its fans claim. Before I get attacked in the comments, I’ll explain why … [continue reading]