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A Fresh Coat of Glitter

At the end of August, I let my Glitter Gym membership expire. They didn’t have any fall specials, so I decided to play Rambo in the park instead. I posted about my new gym in the Coffee Hero post Freeing … [continue reading]

Tales From the Glitter Gym – Mr. Sit Up

My return to the Glitter Gym has already yielded a new tale. This happened last week. In the free weight room there are two flat bench press stations. Usually I stick to the incline benches, but that day I wanted … [continue reading]

Tales From the Glitter Gym – The Kayaker Goes MacGyver

To “go MacGyver” in the gym is to seek out new and novel methods of exercising using equipment that was designed for some other use. It can be funny, dangerous, ineffective or brilliant. In the post Tales From [continue reading]

Tales From the Glitter Gym – The Commando

I meant to tell this tale a few weeks ago. Forgive the delay. What I witnessed at the Glitter Gym that day almost defies reality. Let me introduce you to a new character, who I will refer to as The [continue reading]

If You Like Tales From the Glitter Gym

This week the great TC from T-Nation takes you through his Glitter Gym in San Diego. He doesn’t name the gym, but I believe it is in La Jolla. If you can get past the blinding gold text on black … [continue reading]

When Glitter Turns Orange

Yesterday I walked into my Glitter Gym and was hit with the smell of wet paint. Before I could think about why they wouldn’t prop open a door to air out the place, I walked into the free weight room. … [continue reading]