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Was I Wrong About Gluten? Part 2

For those that haven’t read Part 1, please do so now. In it, I describe how I removed gluten from my diet and experienced positive health benefits. Then I reflected on how I became sensitive to gluten and how … [continue reading]

Was I Wrong About Gluten?

For years I have been anti-gluten. I removed it from my diet and my skin quality improved and I got leaner effortlessly. But lately I’ve seen a growing backlash against the gluten backlash. Instead of dismissing the new wave … [continue reading]

Results From My 30 Days Without Grains Experiment

I was just reminded that I never posted the outcome to My Current Experiment: 30 Days Without Any Grains. There was a data issue with this test. On September 1st, I got exposed to gluten at a gyro┬árestaurant. … [continue reading]

Commercial Gyro Meat is Absolutely Not Gluten Free

Let me share with you the hell I went through late Sunday night, so you never have to experience it. I was out all day Saturday and had lunch at a Greek restaurant. I had a gyro meat salad with … [continue reading]

Gluten Free Lasagna

I’ve never made lasagna before, but I love the dish. When I gave up the gluten a few years ago, I also gave up the lasagna. Well, I got to chatting with a local gluten-free chef that mentioned using wide … [continue reading]

Loosening the Paleo Collar

I slowly started the Paleo diet back in 2008 and was fully on board by the end of that year. Long story short is that I leaned out and cured my rosacea. The strategies I aggresively followed in the … [continue reading]