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The Fat Loss Side Bet

There seems to be some disagreement on if the terms of the Fat Loss Bet are motivating enough to me to either win or sabotage myself. So I contacted the woman that came up with the bet idea in the … [continue reading]

The Fat Loss Bet

In my last post How I Regained the Weight I Lost, I mentioned the bet.

Yesterday I entered a bet with three others. We are all going to lose 20 pounds. If I lose, I will be required to

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How I Regained the Weight I Lost

For almost a decade I was weight stable at 210 pounds. My height is 6 feet 2.5 inches (189 cm). Not overweight, but not lean. Like other ectomorphs, I’ve always valued muscle over leanness. When I moved to Seattle and … [continue reading]

Too Many Conflicting Health Goals

Seems I’m in a bad place where my current health goals are conflicting with each other.

  1. Reduce headaches
  2. Reduce neck and shoulder pain
  3. Lose 10 pounds
  4. Bring sugar cravings down to summer 2012 levels
  5. Increase body temperature “Turn Up The
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Health Goals – Late 2011 Edition

I’m long overdue when it comes to setting new health goals. My last list was made 2.5 years ago. Before I list my new goals, let me share my current health state. I am lean, my skin is clear and … [continue reading]

Reviewing My 2009 Health Goals

I was preparing to put together a new list of health goals when I realized that I never did a follow up post to Health Goals – Last Year and Today from April 2009. Shame on me. Anyway, here were … [continue reading]