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Seasonal Strategies – Winter Update

For those new to the site, I am currently testing a nutritional strategy that I call the seasonal approach. In the post Winter Strategies For Nutrition and Fitness, I outlined a list of goals I had for winter. … [continue reading]

The One Book A Week Goal

My pal Stuart over at Brainmower announced he was setting a goal to read one book each week in 2010. This is an admirable goal, which I completed in 2008 when I read 60 books that year. However, in 2009 … [continue reading]

Health Goals – Last Year and Today

In early 2008, I had 5 health goals.

  1. Stop Getting Sick from Colds – Every year I was spending more and more days sick. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  2. End Back Pain – Do alignment
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Defending the 4-Hour Workweek

Back in June I read one the most talked about business books of the year. I didn’t blog about it at the time. The book spoke to me. I wanted it to sink in. And I wanted some time to … [continue reading]