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Tall Guys and the Bench Press Solution

Of all the gym exercises, the bench press is the one that has been the most challenging. Tall ectomorphs have long arms and small wrists. Getting under a decent amount of weight and pushing it straight up is tough. Guys … [continue reading]

Good Day at the Gym

I set some new personal records today at the gym. My bodyweight (BW) today is 189.

  • Weighted Dip = 3 x BW+70 , 1 x BW + 80
  • Weighted Pull-Ups = 3 x BW + 60, 2 x BW +
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250 Pound Weighted Dip

For the past month, I haven’t done a single weighted dip or pull-up. Instead, I’ve been focusing on volume. I’ve lowered the weight and greatly increased the number of sets. The reps ALWAYS stay in the same 3-6 range. I … [continue reading]

The Desire To Lift Heavy Objects and Witness Stupidity

A month ago I decided I would not renew my membership and stop lifting weights. From the rather cryptic post Glitter Interrupted:

The things I need to do to improve my fitness level dont require a gym. In fact,

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No Cardio Clarifications

I have three points from previous posts on cardio that I wish to clarify.

In the post Health Goals – Last Year and Today, I state that I got leaner despite doing no cardio.

I did not spent a

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The Scientific Fitness Program

I was at dinner with some friends recently when one of the girls told me about a scientific fitness program. The girl was young, healthy and appeared quite fit. I also know from her very unique career that she … [continue reading]