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Good Day at the Gym

I set some new personal records today at the gym. My bodyweight (BW) today is 189.

  • Weighted Dip = 3 x BW+70 , 1 x BW + 80
  • Weighted Pull-Ups = 3 x BW + 60, 2 x BW +
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250 Pound Weighted Dip

For the past month, I haven’t done a single weighted dip or pull-up. Instead, I’ve been focusing on volume. I’ve lowered the weight and greatly increased the number of sets. The reps ALWAYS stay in the same 3-6 range. I … [continue reading]

The Desire To Lift Heavy Objects and Witness Stupidity

A month ago I decided I would not renew my membership and stop lifting weights. From the rather cryptic post Glitter Interrupted:

The things I need to do to improve my fitness level dont require a gym. In fact,

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No Cardio Clarifications

I have three points from previous posts on cardio that I wish to clarify.

In the post Health Goals – Last Year and Today, I state that I got leaner despite doing no cardio.

I did not spent a

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The Scientific Fitness Program

I was at dinner with some friends recently when one of the girls told me about a scientific fitness program. The girl was young, healthy and appeared quite fit. I also know from her very unique career that she … [continue reading]

The Quest To Be Decent Begins

Back when I had a home gym, I kept records of each workout. After a few injuries and the move, I stopped recording my numbers. Well I’ve had some good progress this year, so I revisited the article Are You [continue reading]