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Urban Hike Seattle – Snowstorm 2012 Edition

A good snowstorm doesn’t happen in Seattle every year, so I took advantage of the day and went for an urban hike. Three years ago, I did a 16 mile hike through the snow. Today I did 20 miles. My … [continue reading]

Hillfit: Strength is Not Just For Hikers

For the past few years I have been reading the fitness blog Conditioning Research by Chris Highcock. Although I would be hard pressed to name a favorite nutrition blog, I can easily say Conditioning Research is the best fitness blog. … [continue reading]

Urban Hike – Between The Bridges Edition

Since moving to Northgate it has been a while since I’ve done a Seattle urban hike greater than 10 miles. Today I tackled one of my new favorite areas, which is the Seattle side of Lake Washington between the two … [continue reading]

The Phi Phi Islands in Thailand

My posts are getting a little out of sequence. Although I have more to say about Chiang Mai, I want to get out my photos from the Phi Phi Islands. The Phi Phi Islands are off the coast of Phuket.… [continue reading]

Urban Hike – Flat Shoe Edition

With a slower walk and much flatter shoes, I covered 12.7 miles today. Espresso stops included Trabant, Herkimer and Neptune.

urban-hike-aug2009[continue reading]

The Espresso Hike #1 – Queen Anne

As the organizer for the Coffee Club of Seattle, one of my roles is locating and trying new coffee places in the Seattle area. If the place serves excellent espresso, has enough space and isn’t too crowded, I will … [continue reading]