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Lift Slow – Getting Started with High Intensity Training

In my previous post, I mentioned the lack of resources for teaching the very basics of HIT and safe lifting to beginners. Most of what is available either assumes too much background knowledge or is too long-winded or is … [continue reading]

Hedging High Intensity Training

When it comes to lifting weights, I think everything that needs to be said probably has been. There is nothing new. Everything is a remix or resurrection of ideas someone else put forward years or decades ago. With that disclaimer … [continue reading]

High Intensity Training – 7 Years Later

A few people have asked me to do an updated post on High-Intensity Training. For the most part, I don’t have any new insights. I think I’ve said all I have to say on the topic. In this post, I’m … [continue reading]

Maybe HIT Isn’t Enough?

I am a big fan of High-Intensity Training. Nothing is changing here, but in the last year I have lost some conditioning and it is probably my fault. Before I say where things went wrong, let me go back to … [continue reading]

Muscle on Weight or Weight on Muscle?

I’m sure I’m not the first to have this thought. I have no doubt many others have looked around a gym and noticed that almost everyone models their workouts as if they were machines designed to do as much work … [continue reading]

Why Isn’t High Intensity Training More Popular? Part 2

In my last post, Why Isn’t High-Intensity Training More Popular? I covered a few reasons why HIT (not HIIT) doesn’t seem to be gaining in popularity. When I put the post together I was viewing HIT through my own experience … [continue reading]