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Standing Desk – Ghetto Edition

I haven’t been motivated by the recent health scare stories that equate sitting at a desk as a health risk equal to smoking. I’ve worked in offices. I know the variations in people. I’m a wiggly ectomorph that can’t sit … [continue reading]

Fat Loss and the Case For Less Exercise

This is the third part of my series about exercise and fat loss. Part one was the post Walking Didn’t Lean Me Out, where I showed how all my fat loss was a result of diet and how exercise … [continue reading]

Getting Hit By a Car

On Saturday evening I was walking across a street in Capitol Hill inside the pedestrian walkway. A large white SUV came up from the side street towards me. It appeared the car was slowing as there was a Stop sign. … [continue reading]

My Miraculous Back Injury Recovery

Last week I posted about how I injured my back in the gym. It was a serious injury. It was the kind of injury that would have taken a few weeks to fully recover from in the past. I was … [continue reading]

My First REAL HIT Injury

In May I was certain that I got injured during a High Intensity Workout, but it turned out to be nothing. However, there is no mistake that I messed up my back yesterday. When I get back pain, I now … [continue reading]

My First HIT Injury?

Today I strained my back attempting a Max Contraction exercise in the gym. It was just last week that I read and reviewed the High Intensity weight training protocol of Max Contraction Training. Even in my review I had … [continue reading]