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Cucumber Kimchi and the Sardine Solution

Recently I made my first-ever cucumber kimchi. I’m still dialing in the recipe, so I have nothing to post at this time. This is a shorter fermentation than regular kimchi, because there is no cabbage. I pulled mine after … [continue reading]

Ghost Pepper Kimchi Recipe

I’ve been making kimchi now for over two years. I’d say that about 90% of the people who¬†have tasted my kimchi have found the heat level to be perfect. But I have yet to win over that last 10%, … [continue reading]

Fermentation Invasion

My vegetable ferments are taking over.


Back Row: Ghost Pepper Sauerkraut, Green Cabbage kimchi. Front Row: Smoked Alderwood Salt Sauerkraut, Carrot and Ginger (2), more Green Cabbage Kimchi

Both the Ghost Pepper and Smoked Alderwood Sauerkrauts are in R&D mode. … [continue reading]

Nourishing Kitchen 2

A year ago I shared some photos of food projects I was working on in the post Nourishing Kitchen. Here are some more.

Today I finished a Goat Bone Stock. I did it exactly like I described in my … [continue reading]

White Kimchi

If you find kimchi is too spicy or have a food intolerance to nightshade vegetables, you will want to make your kimchi without red pepper flakes. The first time I made White Kimchi, I was unimpressed with the flavor. … [continue reading]

Kimchi For Beginners

Regular readers of this site know that I am a huge fan of kimchi. I love eating it and love making it. It is a nutritional powerhouse and I credit it with restoring my gut flora and greatly improving … [continue reading]