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6 Reasons I Haven’t Been To Your Coffee Shop

Believe it or not, I haven’t been to every coffee shop in Seattle. Nor do I plan to. Why not? Below are the 6 Reasons I Haven’t Been To Your Coffee Shop.

  1. Coffee Doesn’t Get Top Billing – I
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What I Eat and What I Don’t Eat – March 2010 Edition

I’ve received a few requests asking me what foods I eat and which ones I avoid. I slapped a date on this post because I expect it to change over time. Although I don’t expect major changes, there will be … [continue reading]

Best Books of 2008

This year I polished off about 60 books. A new record for me. Most of the books were not written in 2008, so my “best of” list for the year just refers to when I got around to reading it. … [continue reading]

Ranking the National Coffee House Chains

A recent comment from “t” asked the question:

Which coffee of all the major national chains has the best coffee?

Before I answer let me state that I am an espresso drinker. The only coffee I’ll ever order from of … [continue reading]

Best Books for 2007

It appears I read 32 books this year. Most have been since going TV-free in August. Everyone loves a top 10 list. Here is mine. Note that many of these books were not written in 2007. That is just the … [continue reading]