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Mini Quiches With No Crust

This is for all you cereal eaters that don’t have the time and energy to make eggs in the morning. Make a tray or two of these crust-less quiches in the evening. Place them in the refrigerator and eat them … [continue reading]

Carbohydrates, Blue Light and Willpower

I’ve been preaching the gospel of low carbohydrate diets now for two years and intermittent fasting for almost as long. Several people I know have gotten much leaner following either or both strategies. However, some people perceive low-carb and/or IF … [continue reading]

Revisiting “Cleaning Up My Diet”

In 2006, I did two nutritional posts titled Cleaning Up My Diet 1 and Cleaning Up My Diet 2. Boy did I get some things wrong. Not quite a nutritional mullet, but close. Usually I attack others, such as … [continue reading]

Good Calories, Bad Calories is the Best Book Ever Written on Nutrition

** 2016 UPDATE: I was SO WRONG about this book. Taubes is a fraud. See the critical review here. ***

Remember that Top 5 Diet Books post I wrote back in July? All those books can take a HUGE … [continue reading]

Making Spaghetti Squash – The 1 Page, Zero Ad Tutorial

I just made spaghetti squash for the first time. It was super easy and delicious. There are numerous tutorials online that take this simple dish and convert it to multi-page tutorials littered with advertising. Not necessary. Here is my 1 … [continue reading]