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Newsletter #3 – Eliminate

Yesterday I sent out my 3rd newsletter, which I called Eliminate.

For those that aren’t signed up, here is a direct link to Newsletter #3:


After I sent the newsletter, I noticed an extra word in the first sentence. … [continue reading]

Newsletter #2 – Chill

Yesterday I sent off my¬†2nd newsletter, which I called Chill. I was very reluctant to start a newsletter. My thinking is that readers already have RSS, Twitter and can even have each post sent via email. Why should I … [continue reading]

Newsletter #1 is Out

I finally got around to playing with the MailChimp application long enough to publish the 1st CriticalMAS newsletter. The theme was Summer of Moving. Not sure if I’ll have a theme for every newsletter, but it seemed right for … [continue reading]

The Critical MAS Newsletter

For the longest time, I have rejected the idea of having a newsletter for this site. There are too many spammy sites out there that have jumped on the “win the inbox” meme. But there are some people doing it … [continue reading]