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Step Out of the Paleo Echo Chamber

This weekend when I learned that 12 Paleo Myths by Matt Stone was available for free on Amazon Kindle until Feb 20th, I reached out to several of my Paleo friends. Although each message was different. The general point was … [continue reading]

Paleo Manifesto, Code Red and Eating on the Wild Side

This post is about three books I read this month.

The Paleo Manifesto

Oh no, not another Paleo book! I had zero plans to ever read another Paleo book again, but I started hearing some positive buzz about The Paleo [continue reading]

How Low Carb Paleo Can Fool You

Yesterday I listened to an excellent podcast between Justin Manning and Richard Nikoley. It might have been the single-best hour of any health podcast I have heard. Unlike most health podcasts today which promote neurotic food obsessions or unsafe fitness … [continue reading]

My Tweaks to the Latest Free The Animal Paleo Guidelines

A few days ago Richard at Free The Animal posted New Free the Animal, Resistant Starch-Based Dietary Guidelines. I want to comment because I really like the direction Richard has taken Paleo. I probably have more in common with … [continue reading]

Revisiting the Paleo Books

Starting around 2008, I read and reviewed several nutritional books on this site, most of which have some popularity in the Paleo community. Although I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with a Paleo diet approach, as time goes by I find myself … [continue reading]

Maybe Paleo Shouldn’t Let GMO Crops Upset Them?

Almost without exception, everyone that I know from the Paleo community loathes GMO food. The story goes something like this. Small farmers produce the organic heirloom stuff we buy at the farmers markets. We dive into nutrition and then read … [continue reading]