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Stomach Woes Update

This is a follow up to the post Stomach Woes Have Snuck Up On Me, which I put up almost 2 months ago. Rather than just tell you my story, I want to cover how I approached the problem, … [continue reading]

Side Effects I’m Experiencing on the Peasant Diet

I adopted the Peasant Diet in 2016 after Richard Nikoley and Karl Denninger got into a feud on Twitter.  You can read about that story in the post Designing a Modern Peasant Diet. The short version is that when … [continue reading]

Declaring Victory! How I Lost and Kept Off 25 Pounds

It was just over a year ago that I decided I needed to lose 20-25 pounds. But before I started on my diet, I knew the challenge wasn’t losing the weight, but keeping it off. That is where many people … [continue reading]

Kevin Smith is Keeping Interest Alive in the Potato Hack Diet

I’m sure a few of you saw some stories last week that actor Kevin Smith is using an all-potato diet to lose some weight and improve his health. Kevin suffered a heart-health earlier this year and inspired by the success … [continue reading]

Revisiting Day 1 of The Potato Hack

Tim Steele shared a blog post by one of my readers today on his experience with the Potato Diet. Read The Potato Hack on brownstudy.info. From the post:

I’ve tried the hack twice and could only make it a day

[continue reading]

The Potato Diet Version of the Fasting Mimicking Diet

Last week I completed my second Fasting Mimicking Diet. Well kind of. It was my own variation of the diet inspired by Marc’s comment on this blog.

Background info here:

A … [continue reading]