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Tater Haters Have Some Explaining To Do

Every so often in a conversation, I’ll mention how one can get lean without feeling hunger by eating boiled potatoes. I’ll get challenged on this point as most people are clueless to the fact that potatoes are not fattening when … [continue reading]

Stomach Woes Update

This is a follow up to the post Stomach Woes Have Snuck Up On Me, which I put up almost 2 months ago. Rather than just tell you my story, I want to cover how I approached the problem, … [continue reading]

Side Effects I’m Experiencing on the Peasant Diet

I adopted the Peasant Diet in 2016 after Richard Nikoley and Karl Denninger got into a feud on Twitter.  You can read about that story in the post Designing a Modern Peasant Diet. The short version is that when … [continue reading]

Declaring Victory! How I Lost and Kept Off 25 Pounds

It was just over a year ago that I decided I needed to lose 20-25 pounds. But before I started on my diet, I knew the challenge wasn’t losing the weight, but keeping it off. That is where many people … [continue reading]

Kevin Smith is Keeping Interest Alive in the Potato Hack Diet

I’m sure a few of you saw some stories last week that actor Kevin Smith is using an all-potato diet to lose some weight and improve his health. Kevin suffered a heart-health earlier this year and inspired by the success … [continue reading]

Revisiting Day 1 of The Potato Hack

Tim Steele shared a blog post by one of my readers today on his experience with the Potato Diet. Read The Potato Hack on brownstudy.info. From the post:

I’ve tried the hack twice and could only make it a day

[continue reading]