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I Didn’t Read That Article or Watch That Video You Sent Me

If you sent me an email with a link to an article or a video with no explanation on why it is relevant to me, I most likely never looked into it. I’ve discovered that unless someone can explain in … [continue reading]

Knock Yourself Out, Bro!

This post isn’t for my regular readers. It is for those that leave hostile comments challenging my views on fitness. Instead of repeating myself over and over in the comments, I’ve created this post. 

Dear Bro,

You’ve been directed to … [continue reading]

10 Awful Nutritional Myths Gets One Half Wrong

It feels like I wrote this post once before for a similar article. This response will take a different angle.

Kamal Patel’s article 10 Awful Nutrition Myths Perpetuated by the Media The truth behind the lies is yet another attempt … [continue reading]

The Worst Advice Always Starts With “You Should…”

This past summer I did a post titled 4 Words I Don’t Like. Somehow I neglected to add the worst offender and that is the phrase “you should”. I have discovered that the absolute worst advice always starts with … [continue reading]

We Need a Browser Extension to Block Those Newsletter Pop-ups!

I am so sick of the trend that every site have a newsletter and that they launch a pop-up window in your face 2 seconds after you visit their page. The pitch is that if you like what you see, … [continue reading]

Anatomy of a Stupid Fitness Comment

Most of the 10,000 comments this blog has received since December 2005 are respectable and informative. This post is about one comment that was neither. Comments like this represent less than 1% of the total comments received. 

On a few … [continue reading]