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The Softening Seattle Rental Market

Yeah, home prices are falling. That is old news. I’m more interested in what is going on in the rental market. When I went looking for a rental unit back in May, there was little offered and the prices were … [continue reading]

Another Reason Real Estate Prices Will Drop Further

In the post Irrational on the Way Up, Rational on the Way Down?, I touched on the psychology of would-be home buyers that watch prices drop faster than they can save money. Saving money and delaying purchases will become … [continue reading]

Irrational on the Way Up, Rational on the Way Down?

I’m continually amazed on how otherwise intelligent people fail to learn the lessons of history. Whenever an asset class gets into an inflated bubble, the bubble does top out and the blowback is a bitch. Prices do not settle to … [continue reading]

Won The Lottery Revisited

On March 9th, 2006 after receiving the money from the sale of my house in San Diego County, I wrote in the post Won The Lottery :

Yesterday, I received the money for the sale of that house. It was

[continue reading]

Hedging Financial Risk For First Time Homebuyers?

A few people in Seattle have asked me if this is the right time to buy a house. They don’t really want my answer. They want to buy and want me to agree with that decision. My needs and their … [continue reading]

Shooting The Messenger

Don’t blame me. It isn’t my fault your home price is plummeting, your 401K is getting rocked and your bank is in trouble. I’m just a student of financial history and saw things differently than the bubble-heads on CNBC. I … [continue reading]