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When Buying or Renting Downtown Consider

Here are 3 tips I’d like to pass onto anyone considering buying or renting downtown.

  1. Avoid low-floor corner units – Being low means you get to hear a lot of street noise. Having that unit on a corner means you
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Funny Comment on The Big Picture

From San Diego’s own Reasons Unbeknownst on Are Economists Too Optimistic on Housing’s Soft Landing?:

“I do not see a Housing Bubble; rather, we have an extended asset class”
B.R. (Barry Ritholtz)

“I’m not fat, I’m big boned”
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Investor Psychology – Market Sentiment

The chart below was borrowed from The Big Picture blog. This one image is more valuable than my Finance degree from college. Because investing is never completely rational, understanding the sentiment of fellow investors can prove to be more financially … [continue reading]

My Advice on Selling Your House

Last month I told a friend not to do a for sale by owner. In that post I went into detail why you need to court buyers agents more than ever. Someone asked me what I would do if … [continue reading]

For Sale By Owner – Don’t Do It

A friend of mine recently told me she was going to sell her house herself. She asked me what I thought of that idea. Here is what I told her.

There are 2 cycles to the real estate market. A

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Renters Lose Money?

You always hear how renting is dumb and you are just throwing your money away. Under normal market conditions owning is a better financial decision than renting. However, real estate prices today in downtown San Diego are anything but … [continue reading]