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Hungry Monkey

This book set a record for the longest I have ever had to wait for an on-hold item at the Seattle Library. Was the 4.5 months wait worth it?

Hungry Monkey: A Food-Loving Father's Quest to Raise an Adventurous Eater
Hungry Monkey: A Food-Loving Father’s Quest to Raise an Adventurous Eater [continue reading]

Canned Roasted Eel Sushi

Can you make sushi with canned fish? Yes.


roasted-eel-sushi[continue reading]

My Favorite Cookbooks

While I was walking around New Orleans, I stumbled into a store and started flipping through the cookbooks. Forgive me for being a newbie, but I found a line of cookbooks that I adored. The store was Williams-Sonoma and it … [continue reading]