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Even More Security

A few weeks ago I was getting ready to walk into a coffee shop, so I reached down to pull out my wallet. It wasn’t there. In my rush to leave the house, I grabbed my old cell phone instead … [continue reading]

My Online Password Strategy (2014)

My last post Scan, Encrypt, Store, Delete, Shred: Going Paperless! was about physically securing sensitive data in my home. The other half of a security plan is securing your online accounts. I am not an expert on security. My strategy [continue reading]

Scan, Encrypt, Store, Delete, Shred: Going Paperless!

For as long as I can remember I’ve owned this file box. I’ve kept receipts, tax documents, my college transcript, auto records, insurance info, military paperwork, and other important documentation. Not anymore. This week I borrowed a scanner and converted … [continue reading]

Osama MAS Laden

Guess what common “American as apple pie” name is now on the governments watch list? Mine. American Airlines has confirmed that my name is on the naughty list. Why did my parents have to slap me with the most common … [continue reading]