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Patterns in Sick People

What reignited my passion for nutrition in June 2007 had nothing to do with fat loss or food intolerance. It all started with me getting sick. I was living in San Diego and I just came down with a brutal … [continue reading]

No Longer a Gym Germaphobe

I was just thinking today at the gym on how I no longer worry about catching some germ during my workouts. For a few years it was a concern of mine. From the post My 10 Gym Tips For 2010[continue reading]

How I Fought Off a Potential Cold

This past Saturday morning, I met up with some friends at a local tea shop. The woman to my direct left was just starting to come down with a cold. I didn’t realize it at first, but I wasn’t concerned. … [continue reading]

My Super Immunity Project Revisited

I have done a few posts where I discussed how after I loaded up my diet with foods that were anti-viral and anti-bacterial, I stopped getting sick. In the post Health Goals – Last Year and Today, I went … [continue reading]

Sick of Fearing the Flu

A month ago, I discovered that despite thinking that I had forever conquered the common cold that I was mortal. My 18+ month streak without getting sick may have been the longest I’ve ever experienced. I’m moving in the … [continue reading]

Intermittent Fasting – The Common Cold

Last week when I realized that I was starting to get sick from the common cold, I decided to run an experiment on myself. You know how I love a good experiment. Anyway, I wanted to disprove the old wives … [continue reading]