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Kimchi Stew – Kicking It Korean Style

When I first starting making kimchi I thought I would never make a soup or stew using that prized ingredient. The reasons were it takes a decent amount of effort to make kimchi and that the heat from the soup … [continue reading]

Sweet Potato Soup – So Simple, So Yummy

Recently, I was gifted a large amount of sweet potatoes. They were getting old and had already started to grow little vines. I needed to make use of them quick, but I didn’t have the appetite to roast them all. … [continue reading]

Toscana Goat Sausage Soup Recipe

I received this recipe from a vendor at the farmers market. I used raw milk in place of cream and adjusted the ratio of ingredients. This soup was super delicious. Give it a try. If you don’t have goat sausage, … [continue reading]