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Rejecting the Seasonal Approach to Nutrition

In July 2011, I completed a one-year experiment where I took a seasonal approach to fitness and nutrition. The fitness part isn’t important, but I’d like to revisit the nutrition part of that experiment. For background see the post Concluding [continue reading]

An Amazing “Back to Sleep” Hack

Often when I’m reading a book I’ll think “I should be taking notes”, but then I don’t and keep reading. When the book is over, a few core ideas with stick with me. And some get forgotten. There was a … [continue reading]

The Stress Disease Connection

This is an important post. It is about how our response to stress learned in childhood can result in chronic disease. We’ve all heard how stress can kill you, but until I was exposed to the work of Dr. Gabor … [continue reading]

Sarno, Back Pain, and Coffee?

It has been a while since I did a post on Back Pain. Honestly, I thought I said everything I needed to say on the topic. For those new to the site, let me quickly recap my background with back … [continue reading]

What John Gray Missed in Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice

When I reviewed the book Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice: Hormonal Balance – The Key to Life, Love and Energy by John Gray Ph.D., I stated that I felt John Gray missed something important in his analysis in regards … [continue reading]

Adrenal Fatigue? Not For Me

In the post Health Goals – Late 2011 Edition, under #3 Dialing in an Optimal Coffee Level, I asked this question:

Do I have some form of adrenal fatigue?

It is easy to understand why I might suspect … [continue reading]