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Why Ice Cream is Better Than Protein Powder

In the post Thinking About Supplements – 2012 Edition, I said this about protein powder.

Pure garbage. The limiting factor in gaining muscle is not protein. It is calories. I only wish I have figured this out years ago.

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The Reality About Tea and Fat Loss

In the past four years, I’ve probably been to close to 100 tea tasting events. One topic that pops up on a regular basis is the claim that tea will promote fat loss and prevent cancer. I used to eat … [continue reading]

Gluten-Free is the Latest Excuse To Eat Junk Food

Everywhere I go these days there seem to be more and more gluten-free options. Grocery stores are carrying more and more gluten-free options. Many restaurants now carry gluten-free options on their menu. There are even gluten-free beers now. All good … [continue reading]

Ending the 30 Day No Sugar No Fruit Experiment

Almost a month ago I started a new 30 Day experiment of going a month without any sugar or fruit. My goal was to once and forever determine if there was a link between sugar and my frequent headaches. … [continue reading]

30 Days Without Sugar or Fruit

I love a good experiment and I’m about to start a new one. I’ve done 30 days without sugar and 30 days without fruit, but not at the same time. Yesterday I realized that if I really want to test … [continue reading]

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

This book is considered a masterpiece in the study of human nutrition.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price was published in 1939 and might be more relevant today than it was back then. The story of this book … [continue reading]