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Elephant Video

This is a video clip of the elephant we saw in Ko Samui, Thailand. This is not the elephant I rode in Chiang Mai.

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Tiger and Lion Videos

Here are the video clips taken by my friend when we stepped into the cage with the tigers and baby lion.

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Why I Dislike American Dentists and What I Did About It

I do not carry dental insurance. I never have and never plan to. My teeth are in great shape. Back in the dot-com days, I got one small cavity after going through a full tin of Altoids every day for … [continue reading]

Photo Gallery For Return to Bangkok

I just noticed I didn’t release the Return to Bangkok photo gallery. Oops.



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My Return to Bangkok

For those keeping score, I left Cambodia and returned to Bangkok for a night before flying down to Malaysia. Before returning to Seattle, I will go back to Bangkok for one more night.

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Ko Samui, Thailand

After escaping the hell known as Patong Beach, I headed for the quieter beach setting of the island of Ko Samui. Although the vendors were still pushy, it was far less than Patong. If you only have a few … [continue reading]